Saturday, August 15, 2015

USIM, here i come!

Alhamdulillah i got a place for my upu application. It is USIM. What course? Bahasa arab komunikasi. Like seriously? Yeah i also cant believe that i will take that course. Time awal asasi dulu ade la jugak bercita2 nak tukar kos tp tak sangka la bebetul dapat. It's now a reality. I left my science subjects and further in one of my spm subjects. Almost 2 years okay aku dah tinggalkan. Karat nya mmg takyah cakap lah. Kalau tanya balaghah mmg aku failed. Qawaid mufradat lagi hmm. But insyaAllah i trust into His plan. Semoga ini yg terbaik buat aku dan orang sekeliling. Semoga dapat menyumbang untuk ummah itu yg penting. Sains yg pernah aku belajar kat pasum tetap berguna untuk aku. Ilmu itu tiada yg sia-sia. At least i know how hard it is. And how important it is. Tak rugi pun aku mencuba ilmu baru. 

When i knew kak Husna Najihah who is my senior in kisas, got the same offer as me, cuak wehh. I was like mcm mana nnti aku study dgn senior huhu. And i got no other friends. Yeah i have to find new friends and start a new life. New syllibus, new friends, new lecturers, new environment, and everything is new. You have to be strong Hajar! But alhamdulillah nilai just took one hour and a half journey from my house. Looks like im going to return Melaka every week. Muehehe. 

Thanks for all the wishes dear people. I just need your dua and pray for my success amin. Have a good day! Adios. 

My story not yours :) Thankyou !

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