Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Welcome home!

Alhamdulillah finally my brother is coming home! He sent a message last night to asked our prayers semoga dia selamat sampai by which his flight will be arrived at KLIA at 7.50pm tmrw. Amin insyaAllah. Sirru ala barkatillah dear brothaa. 

I hope tak banyak perubahan pd dia even setahun pun. That's why maybe i cant join the Alkis raya event this Saturday. My family wants to visit him at his study place at Sri Petaling. He needs to stay there until 16/8. Dah balik Malaysia pun dah excited dah huhu. May Allah ease everything insyaAllah. 

P/s: UPU result is around the corner. Redha and tawakal. 

My story not yours :) Thankyou !

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