Saturday, November 21, 2015

To Him i returned

Honestly i felt lost. Yesterday i was so happy to meet my bestfriend and i felt so calm being beside her. But after i returned, i felt lonely back. I feel like i want to bring you here. If and only if i can. But thats impossible. I wonder about what is my aim here? To study lughatul jannah, to be nearer to Him. But i need friends at least a friend together with me in this path. I know its still early for me to meet that kind of friend. Like you. But my prayer is always with you. Im glad to see you have a lot of friends there. Nice roomates, and everything looks well. Alhamdulillah. 

Please, pray for me semoga tabah melalui jalan ini. Jalan yg masih panjang. Even i know ur path is much harder than me. I know u can face it. When i feel lost, u're one of my spirit. Semoga dalam jagaan Allah. Dan semoga Allah berikan yg trbaik untuk kita. Amin. 

My story not yours :) Thankyou !

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